GOOSED  /go͞osd/ (adj): a bike that is precisely tuned by a master mechanic’s hand that will make it shift like a machine gun and handle like a surgeon’s blade.

We believe in equipment that works right. We want to feel like pros even if we don’t have sponsorships to pay for our rad gear. We are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over our riding buddies. We tinker and experiment with suspension settings, swap out small metal parts for incremental performance gains, and have strong opinions on things like proper tire selection. We ride GOOSED bikes.

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GOOSEWORKS Tuning was formed in Southern California by Colorado born, SoCal rider, Mike Wirth. The company was founded to provide the highest quality of service and tuning available at the finest bicycle shops with the convenience of a mobile service van that comes straight to you.

As a veteran of the cycling industry for over 20 years, Wirth cut his teeth both as a professional mechanic for racing teams, factory demo programs, and most recently, as the head editor and lead gear tester at Mountain Bike Action Magazine. With years of experience tuning, testing, and talking about the best cycling gear in the world, G00SEWORKS brings the expertise and know how to get the most from your ride. Whether it’s a quick adjustment to get you back on the trail, or a complete “GOOSE It” package to dial in your ride, GOOSEWORKS has you covered.

“I was in need of a fork rebuild on my Rock Shox fork. I saw Mike’s trailer in the JPL parking lot one day while out on my road bike. Decided to stop and ask Mike if this was a service he offered. Turns out it is one of his specialties. Mike ordered the needed seals and then contacted me. I dropped the fork off on a Saturday and had it back on a Monday. The fork performs amazing and feels better than new. Mike is super laid back and knows his stuff. Would highly recommend to anyone whether you’re an experienced rider or a newbie. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with his skill and attention to detail.”

“So happy to have found Mike at Gooseworks. As a avid MTB without a proper workspace and tools Mike has been a great resource in keeping my bike fit for the trails. I had problems with the dropper post and he called the company on my behalf to explain the situation for warranty purposes. Goes above and beyond is very knowledgeable and cares about your experience out on the trails. Highly recommended.”

“Mike is one of the best mechanics I’ve ever met. He is hands down the most reasonable mechanic in terms of prices. He is almost always in the Windsor parking lot near JPL on the weekends. If you need anything done on a bike, especially mountain bikes, he can handle it. Don’t hesitate to say hi. He will take care of you!”

“I would give a 100 out of 100 if that was an option. Mike from GooseWorks is AMAZING. Being a female and not super knowledgeable about bikes was intimidating for me. Mike not only helped me purchase my new bike, he has helped keep it tuned and in great shape. Each time mike works on my bike, he explains the process and breaks it down for me to understand. Not intimidating at all. When I was ready to add clips to my bike, Mike not only put them on, we had a session to practice clipping in and out (I didn’t fall)! He is super knowledgeable, trusting, reliable and knows his stuff. He works on my nice road bike used for triathlons along with my fun beach cruiser. Mike and his sidekick Goose will take great care of you!!!! Could not recommend him enough.”

“I highly recommend GooseWorks.  I met Mike when he was set up at my neighbors. I was in need of a tune up on my bike that was stored for years.  He was super pleasant and asked me to send him a picture of the bike.  As soon as I sent the pic he got back to me with comments and a general estimate and offered to come look at it.  He came by yesterday to see it and after accessing it he actually brought down the estimate based on the condition and said he could do it right then and have it done within the hour.  So I know have a beautiful new looking bike again. He adjusted the spokes, wheels, etc.  It was so convenient not to have to load my bike into my car and then have to go pick it up.  This is the way to go for bike work. He is very knowledgable, professional and pleasant. Absolutely recommend Mike and GooseWorks.  Oh and his dog Goose is the cutest!!!!
Thank you Mike!!!!”

Tidy Cockpit. Thanks, Gooseworks!

“High quality mobile bike tech, very friendly and knowledgeable guy. Mike came to our home in Hollywood to service our CoOp DRT 1.2 and check and fix all my recent upgrades. it’s now running perfectly and he tidied up the cockpit expertly too. He then serviced my FS bike and the thing is wired. big recommend for Mike at GooseWorks, honest, fair priced and fast.”