Why GooseWorks

We ride for life. For a lifestyle, a lifetime, and to bring life to ourselves and the places we ride.

We believe in equipment that works right. That makes us feel fast and does not leave us stranded deep in the back country. That’s dependable and ready to go for that 6am Saturday morning ride we’ve been planning all week. We believe in gear to make us feel like a pro when we ride that double black diamond trail for the first time. We want our gear to be the best on the trail, and to know that it’s set up properly for the trails we ride.

The GooseWorks Difference

We care that your gear is set up properly and finely tuned. We tinker and experiment with setups, swap out small metal parts for incremental performance gains, and are constantly looking for ways to give you an edge on your riding buddies. We want to give you the knowledge that your bike is set up for your personal riding style, and that it’s extracting every bit of performance possible to make you feel like you’re a pro rider, even if you don’t have a sponsorship to pay for all your rad gear. We want your bike precisely tuned by a master mechanics hand that will make it shift like a machine gun and handle like a dream. And we want that expert to be dependable, easy to find, and always there with real trail tested expertise and advice on what to ride. And we want you to feel “in the club” when you talk with your mechanic who’s responsible for this ride that’s fully Goosed.

Our Story

Gooseworks Tuning was formed in Southern California by Colorado born, SoCal rider Mike Wirth. The company was founded to provide the highest quality of service and tuning available at the finest bicycle shops with the convenience of mobile service van that comes straight to you.

As a veteran of the cycling industry for over 20 years, Wirth cut his teeth both as a professional mechanic for racing teams, factory demo programs, and most recently, as the head editor and lead gear tester at Mountain Bike Action Magazine. With years of experience tuning, testing, and talking about the best cycling gear in the world, GooseWorks brings the expertise and know how to get the most from your ride. Whether it’s a quick adjustment to get you back on the trail, or a complete “Goose It” package to dial in your ride, Gooseworks has you covered.

ride goosed forever

We care about the places we ride. We respect other trail users and follow the rules because we want our trails to stay open to riders forever. We’re not afraid to spend a whole Saturday with a shovel to make the places we ride better, and more sustainable. We financially support others who work to give us more access to the trails and roads that we ride, now and into the future. A portion of all proceeds from GooseWorks services and soft goods are donated to worthy trail and riding advocacy groups.

Meet the Team


Mike Wirth


The man with the wrenches



Vice President

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