Full Goose It


Our premium service includes a complete teardown and rebuild of all vital components on the bike. It also includes replacement of shifter cables and housing, fresh fluids in all hydraulic braking systems, and overahauls for bearing systems. Riders who “Goose it” also receive a complete evaluation of their suspension settings, and a setup to match their needs for weight, riding style, and terrain.



Deep cleaning of all frame, fork, drivetrain, braking, and suspension components

Frame and fork structural integrity inspection

Drivetrain Component wear inspection
Bearing Wear Inspection (Wheel Bearings/Bottom Bracket/Headset/Pulley Wheels/Pedals)

Headset/Bottom Bracket Overhaul & Adjust
Shifter Cable and Housing Replacement

Gear Adjust and Tune with Derailleur Hanger Alignment
No Drag Brake Adjust

Hydraulic Fluid Change and Brake Bleed
Top to Bottom Precision Bolt Torque Check and Adjustment
Wheel Truing and Spoke Tension Reset

Complete suspension evaluation, and setup for rider weight and riding style

Post Service Test Ride

* Package pricing does not include parts or installation.

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